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The most advanced dust containment system for hardwood floor sanding

What is the Dust Containment System?

Hardwood Floor Restoration Company in Chicago Mounted on the truck, the separate dust collector is powered by 2 strong motors calibrated to pull all dust. A 2 inch hose connects the sander, edger and buffer to the vacuum system located outside and away from the areas being sanded.

The innovative concept of our system, having a 2 engines outside of the customer's home significantly increases airflow. The result is a dramatically more powerful system, providing complete evacuation of the dust that is generated from the total sanding process.

Why Dust Containment?

As consumers have become aware of their dust-free sanding choice and don't want to put up with the mess, dust containment has become a desired service. The Dust Containment System is the ultimate for dust-free sanding, providing:

  • Complete satisfaction
  • Eliminates the nightmare of dust throughout the home
  • Higher quality results by eliminating airborne dust that would settle back down into the finish
  • Dramatic increases in the speed and efficiency of our work
  • Healthier environmental conditions
  • Wood dust is a known carcinogen

System Includes:

The Atomic Dust Containment System can be outfitted with everything you need to start sanding right away.

  • Your choice of trailer or truck package
  • Atomic DCS with 27-HP water-cooled, Kawasaki engine
  • Hose reel with 300 ft. capacity
  • 150 ft. 2" I.D. vacuum hose for sander
  • 150 ft. 1.5" I.D. vacuum hose for edger/buffer
  • 15 ft. 1.5" I.D. vacuum hose with detailing end attachment

The vacuum hose is non-marking, and smooth-bore on the inside. Smooth-bore means the inner surface of the hose is relatively smooth which further translates into less turbulence within the hose itself, maximizing the airflow.

The Atomic DCS can be installed in a box truck or trailer. In addition to top quality craftsmanship of the machine itself, we also provide you with our expert training on using and maintaining the Atomic DCS.

Graphics Package

A mobile billboard for your business!

Truck graphics are included and will be customized with your company name, logo, phone number, and web site.

These full color graphics promote your company and the complete Bona "Environmental Choice" finishing system.



Bona Traffic™ brand wood floor finish is the latest generation of waterborne polyurethanes. Formulated specifically for heavy traffic commercial and residential hardwood floors, Traffic provides unsurpassed durability in a wood floor finish. For trained experienced professional use only.


  • Unsurpassed durability - outperforms moisture cure finishes without the hazardous side effects, and all the benefits of a waterborne finish
  • The application feel of a solvent-based finish
  • Faster curing rate allows quicker access to the floor
  • Clear and colorless, which highlights the true color of stained or natural wood floors. Will not change color over time, allowing for easy touch-up

Classified by Underwriters Laboratories Inc. as to slip resistance only, Control #21 KM

No sealer needed over a stained floor Exceptional build with excellent flow and leveling Available in Commercial Satin and Commercial Semi-Gloss VOC compliant - VOC does not exceed 240 grams per liter Fast drying - Approximately 2-3 hours Nonflammable with a non-offending odor Water clean-up.


Commercial and residential use including shopping malls, restaurants, offices, retail stores, theater stages, hospitals, schools, and nursing homes.


Setting the worldwide standards

Since 1919, BonaKemi has been providing the industry with the highest quality hardwood floor finishing products available. The pioneer of waterborne finishing technology, BonaKemi continues to lead the industry by focusing the latest in technology exclusively on hardwood floor finishing.

BonaTech® represents Bona's latest advancements in science and manufacturing. This process involves everything from developing and producing the essential raw materials, to precise automated mixing, stringent quality control, and relentless testing. The results are the most consistent, highest quality hardwood floor finishing products available.


Real Life Testing: An ongoing test beginning in 1993 compares Bona's and popular competitors' finishes on test panels in the hallways of Colorado State University. Over 400,000 footsteps a year demonstrates how finishes perform under real-life conditions. Traffic™ and Mega finishes had less wear-through, scuffs & scratches, and also had the best overall visual appearance, outperforming all competitors' waterborne, oil-modified, and moisture cure finishes.

Lab Testing: The Taber Abraser Grit Feed test, the most commonly accepted standard lab test for durability, evaluates the resistance of a material to abrasion. For hardwood floors, this equates to evaluating wear. The grit feeder method used in this independent study, conducted by SGS US Testing Co., in Tulsa, Oklahoma, is the most accurate and gives the most realistic prediction of actual durability. Other Taber methods using either sandpaper strip or abrasive wheels can produce inaccurate results.


For unstained, natural wood floors, Bonaseal™ wood floor sealer is specially formulated for use with BonaTech Traffic™ only. Bonaseal™ seals the wood, reduces tendency for sidebonding, minimizes grain raise, and provides a build layer for the finish.

* There is hard copy of Eon 70. Please change the Portfolio page to a 2nd Products page and add information and pictures about this product to this page. The web site is www.bonakemi.com.

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